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Ljubljana, January 15th, 2014- We are publishing our business design plan and/or project for the 2014. Do contact us if you have the interest, the skills and the motivation to join us along this interesting journey.

Business design is defined as the concept of generating new business and innovation through design.

The main upgrade for the year 2014 will be to assemble a team that will organize the Business Design Conference, whereby we understand Business Design as “the concept of generating new business and innovation through design”. The conference is intended to take place in Maribor, in the second half of January 2015, just before the World Economic Forum [WEF] in Davos. We understand business very wide, in terms everything is business or at least connected with it and not only exclusively economically/commercially. By our notion, innovation is the key for progress, again progress in the broadest sense, for business, society and environment. And design as a very wide field, not only as the centre of the creative industries but as the generator of the creative economy. The concept of the conference in general has three points:

  • First. Key notes by the innovation masters, design thinking influencers and business designers on the one hand (f. e. Clayton Christensen on innovation and inclusive growth; Tim Brown on design thinking and Heather Fraser and/or Roger Martin for business design);
  • Second. As a series of workshops of renowned domestic and foreign coaches. The long-term goal is to become at least as influential and at the same time be complementary to the WEF in Davos. The other role model conferences include very known TED conference and one another very good example of such a conference [in the field of web design] is Smashing Conference; and
  • Third. One month before the conference, we’ll organize a monthly pop-up event where we intend to explore the intersection of design thinking and business model innovation more in-depth. Our role model is Pop-Up Dom.

Then it probably has sense to mention that we’re invited along to the three-years project European Design Innovation Platform (EDIP). The project is officially confirmed. Leading partners in the project are the British Design Council, the Danish Design Centre and from Italy, the Politecnico di Milano, where Professor Verganti is the founder and main authority of design innovation as such, actually. dŠola Ljutomer is one of the supporting partners.

We’ll continue to organize workshops on Business Model Design, only a bit more as high-profile workshops. We intend to disseminate our workshop in Slovenia [Ljubljana] and in the neighbouring regions [Croatia and/or Serbia, and Austria]. We have the obligation to organize such a workshop at least in Slovenia for the EDIP.

As a part of our activities to raise awareness about design thinking and the business model innovation, we’ll start a weekly series of Business Model Classes starting in Maribor at the end of February. As the morning and evening session almost simultaneously, aimed for people who prefer a gradual approach to learning the business model generation to be taught in the evening or in the morning. If we’d find out that these classes have the potential, we’ll extend them further into the international arena, mostly to central and eastern Europe.

Publishing and research
The first book of our books is to be published in Spring 2014, on business model design, in Slovene [with a title: Oblikovanje poslovnih modelov]. We do intend to publish some more titles over the next three-years and maybe localize some of the basic literature for business design. Although we don’t exclude to extend more in publishing business and other publishing projects [f.e. monthly/quarterly business design magazine] at the moment we don’t consider publishing as high priority. We do intend to run a blog in Slovene onovog.si further. If the opportunity arises we will try to build a global business design community, similarly as Smashing magazine has done for the web design community.

We intend to develop a research team within the dŠola Ljutomer. We plan to respond to the EU call [with a deadline 15/04/2014, minimum three partners in the consortium, budget 0,95 Mio €, two consortium’s to be chosen]:

FP7 Capacities Work Program
Support for the Coherent Development of Research Policies

Commercial projects
Are very important for us. Not so much in a financial sense, but in the sense of transferring ideas from the concepts and theories we believe in life. And ambition to design/create/establish a long-term successful business design consultancy is still very high. The third formal experiment after the failure of Vizuarna in Slovenia in Germany means, we intend to open a company a new either in the UK or in the Netherlands. This will be clear very soon.

Good design is good business

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