Workshop: Business Model Generation. October 24th, 2013: Why attend?

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Workshop: Business model generation - Maribor - Save the date: October 24th, 2013


October 24th, 2013


Workshop: Invent your business model. September 19th, 2013: location


The Business and Industry Zone Tezno


Eventbrite - Workshop: Invent your business model


Why should you attend the workshop?

How to develop sustainable growth in an organisation? The problem for all kinds of organisations, multinational corporations or start-ups, public or non-governmental, universities or local hospital.

Design, create and sustain value of your organisation by connecting design thinking with business model innovation.

Vizuarna developed the workshop Invent your business model exactly with that kind of problem in mind. To help companies and public organizations design, create and sustain value by connecting design thinking with business model innovation.

Workshop Invent your business model is a must for everybody who would like to spend a day with a tool co-designed by 470 authors from 45 states.

Workshop Business Model Generation. Maribor. October 24th 2013 Why attend

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