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Ljubljana, August 27th, 2013- Newly established Design Management Competence Centre in Ljubljana published a call for a professional or general training providers.

Design Management Competence Centre

With the systematic development of design management competencies and by creating the synergies between the creative and the business world the Design Management Competence Centre aims to make a necessary next step in increasing the competitiveness of the economy in Slovenia. Namely only a comprehensive understanding of the principles of design management at all levels of the companies – from the masters and heads of development processes to managers and executives of the companies provides a comprehensive progress in the long-term management of business processes.

At highly driven design companies they have a differentiation strategy where design is at their core. Those kinds of companies are market leaders’ trough design innovation. This is reflected in the non-technological innovations that are first-to-market in opposition to the so called me-to innovations where design innovation is copied by followers. +Gert L. Kootstra

Conditions to apply

Training providers who are applying for must meet the following conditions:

  • They offer a professional or general training, which contribute to increasing the competencies defined in the competence model of the Design Management Competence Centre.
  • They are registered for the implementation of training for more than 2 years and this is one of the main activities in their scope of operation.
  • Several years successfully in the market, with recorded reference.
  • It’s not a partner company (or employee of a partnership firm) in any of the competence centres from 2012 to 2015.

Closing dates

The first phase of trainings will be held from September 2013 until the end of December 2013. Bid for the first phase will be be collected up to September 5th, 2013. Providers for the first round of the selection will be notified by e-mail, and invited to a meeting. The selected training providers will be awarded a contract, which will precisely define the conditions of participation (timelines and prices of the training delivery).

Kompetenčni center za design management. Razpis za ponudnike usposabljanj za KCDM (in Slovene)
Marko Savić. Connecting Business [Model] Innovation with… Design Thinking. Design Management Staircase



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