Andrej (Tešky) Težak’s testimonial from the Business Model Generation workshop

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Business Model Generation


Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture, Ljubljana


December 8th, 2012

Andrej (Tešky) Težak, Studio Smijeha & Ceh za smeh

I went to the workshop Business Model Generation without any expectations. The reason was that I was in a couple of workshops before and didn’t get much out of it.


This was the first time I could actually take something from the workshop, some concrete things and developed it for my business model. I have a comedy club, called “Studio Smijeha” in Zagreb and recently we needed some new ideas of ​​how to proceed, because the business went down, and it should, of course, after all, what we did, go up. Therefore, this workshop couldn’t come to me in a more appropriate time it actually did.


At the workshop I got the answers to some key questions, in particular, it has helped me understand the key elements of the business model. Like most, I too have put too much of the emphasis too a “community management” rather than on the development and expansion of our core business.


I found new perspectives for the business, put in my memory some really good impressions and flashes from the lecturer but in particular I was through the “project-based group work” constantly thinking about how to replace publishing that we were solving, with my own club …


I’ll keep in touch after one year and tell you how did my business model improved the functioning of the club and how did it moved our business into positive figures from red gone to heaven :). +Andrej (Tešky) Težak, Owner & Head Manager, Studio Smijeha & Ceh za smeh

Andrej (Tešky) Težak, Owner & Head Manager at Studio Smijeha & Ceh za smeh

Andrej (Tešky) Težak, Owner & Head Manager at Studio Smijeha & Ceh za smeh

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