Design thinking and the design of business

Very few companies balance exploration and exploitation by continuously looking back up to the knowledge funnel to the next salient mystery (or back to the original mystery)… These few business… become design-thinking* businesses.


…we cannot do without analytical thinking or intuitive thinking entirely. … a third form of thinking—design thinking—…the design thinker uses an explicit form of logic and a process that, while less certain and clear than analytical thinking, has promise for producing advances with greater consistency and replicability than pure intuition.


The velocity of movement through the knowledge funnel, powered by design thinking, is the most powerful formula for competitive advantage in the twenty-first century. +Roger Martin, Dean, Rotman School of Management


* Design thinking is the form of thought that enables movement along the knowledge funnel, and the firms that master it will gain a nearly inexhaustible, long-term business advantage.

Design thinking and the design of business - the knowledge funnel

Roger Martin. 2009. The design of business: why design thinking is the next competitive advantage.

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