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What do they produce

Jasna Andrić


May Day will be hard-working for me, because in the beginning of May director Metod Pevec will launch the film Vaje v objemu where I designed the visual identity. It may be necessary to change some details of the film’s visual identity, to Metod as a director details are of great importance. The film is quite ‘winterish’, that’s why the hugs are strong .

Very interesting experience for me is the work with the National Institute of Biology and the Municipality of Ljubljana, which will soon publish a book Birds of Ljubljana and its surroundings. The book will present 268 species of birds observed in the last 300 years in the wider Slovenian capital, among them the 174 most common types described in detail and illustrated with a photograph. Most of the fieldwork was carried out by the DOPPS – BirdLife Slovenia. The book will be a combination of manual and monographs in two languages​​. It’s my pleasure that I am a member of this versatile bunch.

As is often design the wine labels and winemakers identities, on June 1st I’ll participate in the closing ceremony of the wine campaign for the magazine Nedeljski dnevnik in Bela Krajina with a mini exhibition and lecture about ‘when the grapes are still on the branch – think about the label’. I’ll talk about unusual experiences I’ve had with winemakers in the design of wine labels.

During the summer, I will focus on the design of my own brand of ready-made objects.

V. U. (translation Marko Savić/Vizuarna)
photo: Nada Žgank

Jasna Andrić Deloskop Press Vizuarna

Delo, Deloskop, April 30th 2013 (.pdf file, 1 MB)

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