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Slovensko ljudsko gledališče Celje (Celje People’s Theatre, SLC Celje) is the only professional and repertory theatre in the Savinja-Šaleško region of central Slovenia. It was founded on 6 December 1950 with the Celje Town Council’s Act on the Foundation of the Celje municipal theatre.

Today, SLG Celje houses two theatre spaces: the Main auditorium with a large stage, and a smaller studio space called Oderpododrom. SLG Celje has always been proud to attract most accomplished Slovenian actors, directors and other theatre professionals to produce contemporary theatre of the highest quality. SLG Celje is the only theatre in the wider Celje region nurturing all theatrical genres by Slovenian and foreign authors.

First Days of Comedy festival was held in the SLG Celje from February 14th to March 6th in 1992. The founding father of the festival is now retired actor, Marjan Bačko. Days of Comedy Festival is the largest event of its kind in the Celje region. It takes place on weekends from February to March.

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