Design profiles

Design profiles

In design it’s possible to name almost 40 career profiles. Although by no means all of these profiles would come from design schools, they definitely have an important role to play in the design (and innovation) process.

For communication design to communicate your value proposition in the analog medium possible profiles are: Product Marketing Managers, Brand Strategists, Program Marketing Specialists, Marketing Research Specialists, Media Planners, Writers, Packaging Design Specialists, Illustrators, and Photographers. On the boarder with digital medium there are Advertising Art Directors and Graphic Designers. And on the boarder with product design also the Information Designers.

In the communication design in the digital there are following profile to be found: Animators, Filmmakers, Audio/Music Composers, Direct Marketing Specialists, Broadcast designers, Audience Development Specialists. Crossing the digital line between communication and product design are: Sound Engineers, Usability Researchers, Game Designers.

Creating the value proposition in the product design digital are: Interaction Designers, Software Engineers, Information Architects, O/S Specialists, Database Specialists, Hardware Engineers, Content Management Specialists, and System Architects. On the border between digital and analog in product design are: User Interface Designers, Software Designers. And in the analog product design, which means in creating the value proposing you could find following profiles: business strategists, Publishers, Product Managers, User Researchers, Publication Designers, Retail Environment Designers, and not least Industrial Designers.

Roz Goldfarb. 2002. Careers by Design: A Business Guide for Graphic Designers

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