Three vectors of design management

In between the design and management, design management is responsible for:

  • design direction,
  • design realisation, and
  • design coaching.

But there is a third vector in place in between design and management that should not be forgotten, namely communication. All three vectors of design management model consisting of design, communication, and management are presented in the figure.

Design managers must have the ability to play different roles when being at different stages of a project. They should be a coach and mentor to both the client side and to the design team. Frequently design manager is also a peer to teams included in the project work.

When coaching, design managers should encourage clients and design teams about the benefits of design. In mentoring it is necessary for design managers to educate and support both the client and the design team. And in being a peer, design managers should assist and facilitate the client and the design team.

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Three vectors of design management

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