Corporate image and corporate identity

Marko Savić – MBA thesis – Branding and corporate identity – voice [.mp3, 13 MB, 14:32 min]. Download.

Corporate image and corporate identity are two different things. Although it’s fairly easy to explain the difference many still believe this to be the same thing. It’s not.

Corporate identity is a whole, presented as a circle consisting of corporate behaviour, corporate communications and corporate design. The corporate image comes out of corporate identity but it’s only its projection. While we are able to design a corporate identity and in that sense influence the corporate image, the corporate image has many other factors that influence it. Corporate identity could and should be based on corporate personality, which means it should be based on the values present within the organisation. And not with the values your board of directors or the CEO wishes to be present.

Corporate identity is fundamentally concerned with reality, with the corporate strategy, philosophy, history, business scope, the range and type of products and services offered, and both formal and informal communications.

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Corporate image and corporate identity

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