Brand architecture

The main purpose of your brand architecture should be:

  1. Determine a set of your most powerful brands.
  2. Establish a platform for future growth.
  3. Determine optimal allocation of branding resources, synergy in creating brands, clarity on offerings and not least to leverage your brand assets.

To accomplish such an ambitious goal an organization needs to manage its brand portfolio if possible on the continuous and strategic level. Responsible member of the board of directors should have organizations brand portfolio hanging on the wall of the office.

Product market context roles should be established for all four basic brand strategies: branded house, subbrands, endorsed brands, and house of brands. Important to remember is to know which brand has a driver role and which ones are or should be strong enough to be independent.

The brand portfolio matrix should be developed in every brand architecture of an organization. Which brand was already Cash Cow brand, which you consider to be Strategic, which Linchpin and which are your Silver bullets.

Brand architecture is a dynamic process and should be taken into account as of strategic importance to organizations of all sizes.

Source:Aaker and Joachimsthaler. 2000. Brand Leadership.


Brand architecture

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