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Vizuarna is an independent design management, business design and design thinking consultancy.

We design, create and sustain organizations’ value by connecting design thinking with business model innovation. We are experienced in working with a wide range of organisations, from large corporations to government institutions and non-governmental organisations to not least small-and-medium sized companies. Our trademark is the empowerment of colleagues from within the creative industries community. That’s why we raise awareness on design thinking and business model innovation.

To contribute to the knowledge on connecting design thinking and business model innovation with the business design tools, we organize workshops.

Our values

Values are the driving force of our actions with the appropriate attitude to challenges, the knowledge of design and the exceptional relationship to communication.

As well as in our thinking as in our work we emphasize not only the well being of the teams involved but also the attributes of the final product or service.

Our identity is based on values.

  1. Drivers to act
  2. Creativity is our basic currency that drives our everyday. It shapes our attitude to living, to the social and the economic value. We nurture it every day.

  3. Attitude to challenges
  4. We have a positive approach to every task, whereby an organized process is of main value to the teams. That’s how responsibility toward the work is created. And discipline of every team member. We bet on focus.

  5. Awareness in the design
  6. Every challenge is a test for the knowledge we possess. With a good sense of inventiveness our horizons stretch and expose the charm of our team. That’s the main reason why we are addicted to always find the time to educate ourselves. Good reputation is to be deserved every single time anew.

  7. Relationship in communication
  8. The freedom to listen enables us to structure the information. Therefore we are quiet at times. Respect to understand opens our channels to speak which we really enjoy. We ask. With sound intent. This is our way of establishing a dialogue with the environment we belong to.

  9. An action in our thoughts and work
  10. Self-initiative. Courage. To dare. That’s it.

  11. The importance of well-being
  12. The productivity is the one thing that makes the results at the end of the day. Our results prove it we are heading in the right direction. We strive to win-win situations.

  13. Attributes of the final product
  14. Excellence, they say. They even award us for quality. Some say — prestige. Our status is a reflection of everything we do. To design and create has its style that comes from synergy of people and current circumstances.

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