Oskar Arko’s testimonial from the Business Model Generation workshop

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Business Model Generation


Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture, Ljubljana


December 8th, 2012

Oskar Arko

The workshop, led by Marko Savić, is primarily a representation of the business model canvas. But only with practical examples and a large number of exercises we realize the true value of this model. Guidance through the iterations of business models, which are becoming more sophisticated, leaves the participants of the workshop a feeling of proficient approach and acquired knowledge.


Throughout the workshop selected lectures are presented, based on examples from the real world, thereby adding to the applicative value of the presented model.


The experience and knowledge gained in this workshop enables the presentation of new projects on the whole new level. In particular, the value of this workshop is that now the business model is to be built by the interaction between all those involved in the project. This is an intuitive approach to the design of the business models using canvas, well supported by rules. In particular it allows cause and effect thinking (“what if”) in building a business model.


+Oskar Arko

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