How do you present yourself in your business plan?

How would you present yourself if you are to write a business plan. Either for your (new) company or for your existing company’s project.

William A. Sahlman in the article How to write a great business plan, suggests these 14 “personal” questions:

  1. Where is the founder from?
  2. Where has he been educated?
  3. Where has he worked and for whom?
  4. What has he accomplished- professionally and personally- in the past?
  5. What is his reputation in the business community?
  6. What experience does he have that is directly relevant to the opportunity he is pursuing?
  7. What skills, abilities, and knowledge does he have?
  8. How realistic is he about the venture success and the tribulations it will face?
  9. Who else needs to be on the team?
  10. Is he prepared to recruit high quality people?
  11. How will he respond to the adversity?
  12. Does he have the mettle to make the inevitable hard choices that have to be made?
  13. How committed is he to this venture?
  14. What are his motivations?

But this is only part your presentations. Difficult enough. But logical on the other side. If you have other founders, they should be presented in the same way too. So, the point is, you should talk about the people involved exhaustively.

Other factors included should be:

  • the opportunity,
  • the context,
  • risk and reward.

Good luck.



William A. Sahlman. 1997 in Harvard Business Review. How to write a great business plan

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