Our bookshelf

Our bookshelf is pretty extensive. We are knowledge workers. And although we strongly suggest to corporations to go for the interactive annual report, completely in digital form. We, on the other hand still believe books have the place in our professional lives. We also like to review books that we read. Here is the list, categorized, some review links included.

Integrated corporate reporting, cross-media publishing&interaction design bookshelf

  1. Design and presentation of your financial report by Marko Savić
  2. Stephen few: Show me the numbers. Designing tables and graphs to enlighten.
  3. Dan Brown: Communicating design. Developing web site documentation for design and planning.
  4. Steve Krug: Don’t make me thing. A common sense approach to web usability.
    review: Review of the book: Don’t Make Me Think. A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability by Marko Savić
  5. The smashing book.
  6. Marko Savić: Why do you need the annual report?
  7. Marko Savić: Google and the future of the news industry
  8. Marko Savić: A small case study of New York based corporations on reporting systems
  9. Communication director 4/2008: Facts and figures. Building trust through financial communication
  10. Kristina Halvorson: Content Strategy for the Web
    review: Review of the book: Content Strategy for the Web by Marko Savić

Corporate identity&brand architecture bookshelf

  1. Wally Olins: Corporate Identity
  2. BIS: Identity 2.0
  3. Wally Olins, Elinor Selame: The corporate identity audit
  4. Rayan Abdullah, Roger Cziwerny: Corporate design. Kosten und Nutzen.
  5. Dieter Herbst: Corporate identity
  6. Robert Paulman: double loop. Basiswissen corporate identity.
  7. Marko Savić: Corporate design strategy and branding: the role od design management in developing the corporate identity. Master’s thesis.
    presentation: Design strategies and branding: thesis presentation by Marko Savić
  8. David A. Aaker, Erich Joachimsthaler: Brand leadership
  9. Wally Olins: On b®and
  10. David A. Aaker: Building strong brands
  11. HBR on Brand management
  12. Marko Savić: A short introduction to the steps of the corporate identity audit
  13. Marko Savić: What are the laws of corporate design in developing corporate identity? How to approach to corporate design?

Design strategy&design management bookshelf

  1. Kathryn Best: Design management. Managing design strategy, process and implementation.
  2. Thomas Lockwood, Thomas Walton (eds): Building design strategy. Using design to acieve key business objectives.
  3. Marty Neumeier: The designful company
    review: Review of the book: The Designful Company. How to build a culture of nonstop innovation by Marko Savić
  4. Brigitte Borja de Mozota: Design Management. Using design to build brand value and corporate innovation.
  5. Peter L. Phillips: Creating the perfect design brief. How to manage design for strategic advantage.
  6. Holger Hase, Katrin Hinz, Hanna Schnackenberg (eds): Design management. Teil 1: Design management im fokus.
  7. Katrin Hinz, Holger Hase, Hanna Schnackenberg, Silke Claus (eds): Design management. Teil 2: Design management konkret.
  8. Holger Hase, Katrin Hinz, Hanna Schnackenberg, Silke Claus (eds): Design management. Teil 3: Einblicke und Ausblicke.

Design thinking, strategic design&strategic creativity bookshelf

  1. Thomas Lockwood, Thomas Walton (eds): Corporate creativity. Developing an Innovative Organization.
  2. Jenn + Ken Visocky Ogrady: A designer’s research manual. Succed in design by knowing your clients and what they really need.
  3. Mike Press, Rachel Cooper: The design Experience. The role of design and designers in the twenty-first century.
  4. Ken Robinson: The element. How finding your passion changes everything.
    review: About the Ken Robinson’s book: The Element: A New View of Human Capacity by Marko Savić
  5. Paul Arden: It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be
  6. Tim Brown’s video on design thinking and design innovation
  7. Marko Savić: Why is design thinking important for every business?

How to run a design consultancy resources

  1. Chris Anderson : The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business Is Selling Less of More review: Review of the book: The Long Tail. Why the Future of Business Is Selling Less of More by Marko Savić
  2. Three lessons to be learned from Stefan Sagmeister in brand eins by Marko Savić
  3. Peter F. Drucker: Managing Oneself
    review: Review of the book: Managing Oneself (Harvard Business Review Classics) by Marko Savić
  4. Adrian Shaughnessy: How To Be a Graphic Designer Without Losing Your Soul
  5. Cameron S. Foote: The business side of creativity
  6. Connie Dieken: Talk less, say more. 3 habits to influence others and make things happen.
  7. Roz Goldfarb: Careers by Design: A business guide for graphic designers.
  8. Haide Hackenberg: Was kostet design? in Design management. Teil 1: Design Management im Fokus.
  9. Clayton M. Christensen: How will you measure your life?
    review: How will you measure your life? by Marko Savić
  10. Gary Hamel, C.K. Prahalad: Competing for the future
  11. Michael E. Porter: Competitive strategy
  12. Eugene F. Brigham: Intermediate financial management. 8th edition.
  13. Robert G. Wittmann, Matthias P. Reuter: Strategic planning. How to deliver maximum value through effective business strategy.
  14. Henry Mintzberg: Tracking strategies
  15. HBE on Finance for managers
  16. Karen Berman, Joe Knight: Financial Intelligence. A manager’s guide to knowing what the number really mean.
  17. HBP on Executing Strategy. Expert solutions on everyday challenges.
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