Steve Jobs: We think that our job is to take responsibility for the complete user experience

That is what we had in mind when developing Vizuarna’s 365i, a design tool for interactive annual reports. Taking the responsibility for the complete product.

Interactive annual reporting is a fact. The client needs to have a solution that will enable him not only a professional interactive report but also a possibility that the user groups will find the information they want. Annual report of the corporation has a complex content, be that describing the business milestones or presenting the rich info-graphics of the annual or presenting the financial results in the balance sheet, income statement and its disclosure’s. This is why Vizuarna’s 365i design tool enables to automate on screen presentation of the annual report and at the same time enabling standard user search experience. And on the other hand we did not forget that .pdf publications of the annual reports are still de facto standard, so the design tool enables to automate that part too.

Maybe we were lucky (or maybe smart) enough not to develop another flash flip book application. Really early in the process of idea testing, one of our first clients said: “But, hey guys, I do not want you to make me another like an interactive book, with this button to move on. I don’t want that.”. And yes, we didn’t develop that. The 365i enables complete standard user search experience.

Technically, it is based on .xml standard that is totality compliance with the .xbrl standard of the Securities and Exchange Commission from the USA. Even more deeply, the tool makes every object in the report known, be that a paragraph, various titles, graphs or other pie charts, or numbers in income statements of your profit line. All that in accordance with the corporate identity of the corporation. What that means? That by default user are able to find what they want. How? Usually by googling, as we all have to admit.

We did not forget the professionals who use the annual reports as part of their job. We found out that financial departments are sending to bank annalists their own spreadsheets. Independently from the designed official annual report. The 365i enables to group all the spreadsheets (and that spreadsheets that is designed in accordance with the corporate identity) or only some of them. All the spreadsheets may also be published in the Download Centre, naturally locked in. But no need to look for the files and compiling them together when your CEO bumps into your office to send all the figures to some new important potential investor. With one click you choose all the spreadsheets and send them to the appropriate address. And be sure that those spreadsheets are all following your corporate design guidelines so the corporate communications manager will be happy too (not to mention your in-house design department).

Steve Jobs also said in one other occasion: “Learning about serif and sanserif typefaces and varying the amount of space between letter combinations… all came back to me, and we designed it all into Mac. It was the first computer with beautiful typography”. Similarly, we believe that 365i is the first design tool for complete interactive reporting enabling beautiful interactive annual reports.


Steve Jobs We think that our job is to take responsibility for the complete user experience


Source of Steve Jobs quotes:
Success, June 2010

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