A short introduction to the 9 steps of the corporate identity audit

Corporate design is an instrument for transformation and, at the same time, a guarantee of continuing corporate recognition (Van Cauwenberge, 2008). And that could be developed only if the proper corporate identity audit has been made.

Nine steps of corporate identity audit

A corporate identity audit has been developed in nine steps. These nine steps are:

  • step 1: select the audit team;
  • step 2: asses key elements in the corporate identity;
  • step 3: determine who should be interviewed;
  • step 4: conduct audit interviews;
  • step 5: audit corporate identity factors;
  • step 6: summarize salient points;
  • step 7: determine the options for change;
  • step 8: present the audit results;
  • step 9: use the audit data to improve the corporate identity (Ollins and Selame, 2002).

A short introduction to the steps of the corporate identity audit

Ollins, Wally and Selame Elinor. 2002. The Corporate Identity Audit. Pearson Education. 130 p.
Van Cauwenberge, Rennat. 2008. Corporate design instrument for change. In a transition, the corporate design should fit the new mental attitude in de Bruijne A.; P Brandt, Hans; de Boer, Sieds. (ed) 2008. Identity 2.0. Bis Publishers. 229 p.

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