Pitch: Is Vizuarna submitting its work to an unpaid competition?


Is Vizuarna submitting its work to an unpaid competition?

We understand the desire of the client to want to see before the actual presentation of results to the public several variants. Unfortunately, we reject most requests for unpaid calls. Why?

  1. This allows us to lower business costs. For the time we cannot take back the produced work and sell the finished results to anyone else. We keep our overheads low so that we can offer you a client price competitive and sustainable service on the basis of the win-win situation. By effectively managing our time to work we fairly divide our overheads between our clients.
  2. We always put our best effort to solve the challenge. And this is only possible with a full cooperation between client and Vizuarna. With tenders and unpaid competitions this is the exception only. It is difficult to concentrate completely on a project to ensure, if we do not know whether we are selected or whether we are paid for our work. Design and creative solutions are also not up to the momentary inspiration. For Vizuarna this is a process that takes time. For unpaid labour, it is difficult to plan appropriate time. And that does not lead to good results. This is bad for both Vizuarna and for the potential client.
  3. Vizuarna is a small company. We deal with the design —management—business—thinking— and would like it to continue to remain so. We work directly with clients without intermediaries. We secure the best possible level of our services with a personal touch to all who work at Vizuarna. We incur lower overhead costs than larger agencies. We know that we will execute the projects at the highest possible quality. That is why we are successful in our work. Maybe you have just turned on us because of that. We believe in building good business and collegial relationships. So we can simply not afford to adopt a “speculative” work which we think are the unpaid competitions. We understand that this kind of work is more suitable for larger agencies. We hope you will give us the opportunity to prove ourselves . Our work for numerous clients speaks for our opportunities. Therefore, we recommend a thorough examination of the portfolio of Vizuarna.

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