The cost of an annual report design?

Annual report/Costs

How much does the design of an annual report costs?

Our minimum costs for the annual report design range from €5,700 to €13,770. Our comprehensive annual report design process comprises a three-part, step-by-step process:

Part 1

Content editing

We review, assess, analyse and evaluate content to make sure we get the best possible understanding of your corporate and business strategies. Then we can start to structure it according to chapters, summaries and agreed emphasis.

Art and creative direction

Together, we’ll agree and confirm what we aim to achieve for you, and how we’re going to do it. Then we get to work on the individual elements of the report, and the themes, styles and structures that will complement and enhance your communication to stakeholders.

Part 2

Graphic and web design

We build a comprehensive image of the integrated corporate report, with visual elements and words, including corporate design for all your spreadsheets.


We prepare PDF files for your download centre, make all spreadsheets ready for download and prepare your content management system ready for your micro-site report, or for it to be published on your existing site.

Part 3


We will publish your integrated report as a website, to the latest browser and technical standards. At your wish, we’ll pre-press and print your annual report


Rights of use are not included in prices.


Prices do not include value added tax.

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