Sales professional

My today’s contribution is based on two articles of Mark Stevens and Tom Hopkins. They are both giving some advice on how to become a better sales representative and I’ll try to make an informative summary.

Here are some of the characteristics of sales pros:

  1. There shouldn’t be salesperson and civilian version of you. There should be only one you.
  2. Be you. Imperfections are not a reason why people won’t do business with you, they only give you transparency.
  3. Tell your prospects/clients even what they don’t want to hear. In the long term, you’ll be seen as the reliable one.
  4. Always be proud. Salesperson is the “prince of the company”. Radiate confidence and strength with everything that you do.
  5. Prospect are not doing you a favour by meeting you. You are the one that has experience, knowledge, ideas and solutions. They need you.

I find this one interesting and snot so common in our area:.

  1. Sell yourself before the initial meeting. Send a prospect a copy of your article, award, a media clip – anything that distinguishes your importance.
  2. A burning desire to prove something to someone.
  3. Interest in others and empathy
  4. Focus on goals
  5. Be enthusiastic through difficult situations. Avoid anger, negative thinking and jealousy and focus your energy on positive attitude.
  6. Understand that people come before money.
  7. Never stop investing in your mind.


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