Why should corporate design be viewed as an investment?

It would be an honour if I would be the author of that answer but I’m not. Rennat Van Cauwenberge, General Manager/Managing Partner from Gramma in the article Corporate design instrument for change, wrote:

Above all, corporate design is an instrument for transformations and, at the same time, a guarantee of continuing corporate recognition.

A design that is new, surprising and historically consistent, and that corresponds to the basic motives of the employees? Few advertising agencies can handle this paradox. Most of them see a given cultural context as oppressive. By fits and starts, they like to present changes and breaks in trends in a corporate design as ‘progress’. The client does not benefit from this in the least. The internal and external images of the organization are even more confused than they were.

But the biggest mistake is the break with the perception that has been carefully built up in the minds of hundreds of thousands, even millions of observers. This collective perception belongs to the intangible assets of a company. For this reason alone, corporate design should be given the attention that is given to every other area of investment. +Rennat Van Cauwenberge

Hans P Brandt (ed): Identity 2.0

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