Jasna Andrić, Strategic Design Consultant

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My present work matches perfectly with the principles of molecular gastronomy: it is based on analytic research on everything that exists, for applying new methods and ingredients, on combining them creatively into new forms, and last but not least, on transmitting information to the public about new achievements. I am a devoted hedonist, both in design and in life. +Jasna Andrić, Strategic Design Consultant

Jasna Andrić has worked with Vizuarna since 2007, and since 2009 has helped our clients on a strategic level.

She has worked as an art director and designer for respected agencies and clients for many years, winning numerous awards, including the Golden Drum and New York Festival’s awards.

She also writes for various magazines including Print and Pie Book.

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Portrait photo of Jasna Andrić, strategic design consultant at Vizuarna

Jasna Andrić, Strategic Design Consultant

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