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I believe in people, in relationships between people. That’s why I always say that business comes down to the people in it. +Marko Savić, MA, MBA, Business design consultant

Marko Savić is the co-founder of Vizuarna. His mission is to raise awareness on design thinking and business model innovation with the purpose to help the economy and public organisations.

He defines himself as a business design consultant and works as a coach at workshops, and a design manager in various projects. His passions are [interaction] design, new [internet] technologies and design driven innovation. In recent years he’s a temporary resident of Berlin and Ljubljana.

But Marko is also an independent researcher with two masters, one of media studies and the other in business administration. His professional background comes from business communications and outdoor advertising marketing. He particularly enjoys empowering colleagues from within the creative industries community.


  • design management consultant and independent business coach;
  • public speaker on business model innovations, design strategies, and branding;
  • experienced business development professional.



mobile Slovenia: +386 41 730 882
skype username: marko.savic.007

Photo of managing director at Vizuarana - Marko Savić

Marko Savić, Business Design Consultant

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